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BICHON FRISE - 4 Rotating Scenes

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BICHON RESCUE - 4 Rotating Scenes

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Commemorate Your Pal With Bichon Frise Checks

Do you adore your Bichon Frise? Are you interested in showing off your love of your adored canine in a fun, inspired and low-priced way? If you love your Bichon Frise and want to carry a reminder of him with you everywhere you go then you'll love being able to commemorate your canine friend with your unique and stylish Bichon Frise checks.

The Water Spaniel and the Standard Poodle are the ancestors of the Bichon Frise with "Bichon" meaning "Small, long-haired dog." There are four different kinds of Bichon Frise which include the Bichon Maltese, the Bichon Bolognaise, the Bichon Havanese and the Bichon Tenerife. All the different kinds can be traced back to the Mediterranean area.

Because Bichon Frise had such excellent temperaments, they were transported around the world and even frequently used by sailors for bartering. More than likely, the Spanish seamen introduced them to Tenerife. In the 14th century, however, the Italian sailors brought them back to the main continent where the Italian nobility favored them. The high members of the court styled the canines with the popular "lion cut" hair style.

Even though the Bichon is normally not considered a retriever or a water dog, it does love retrieving and enjoys the water -most likely due to its history with being at sea years ago. Even when the Bichon Frise lived with sailors, however, they tended to sail as companions and not as working dogs.

The Bichon Frise also had some popularity during the Renaissance in France in the 16th century and in the court of Henry III. They were often included in the Spanish school's paintings as well. The national kennel club of France adopted the official standard of the breed in 1933 thanks to the recognition of the "Tintin" books, which included the character of a small, fluffy, white dog.

If you love these loving, tender dogs then you'll be sure to love the Bichon Frise personal checks that are available. The rotating images offer eye-catching views of Bichon at play and relaxing and the checks themselves are a fantastic way of commemorating your much loved canine pal without spending a lot of money.

There are a few different kinds of Bichon Frise checks to pick from. Plus, some of the check series have different check styles as well. For example, while the conventional top-tear checks are still available, now side-tear checks are becoming more popular. The duplicate checks leave behind a copy of every check you write.

Keep in mind that there are also matching accessories available for the different check series, too. A coordinating leather checkbook cover and address labels will help finish your Bichon Frise look.

Making a trip to your local bank to get your checks in the past could be a hassle, and expensive. Now, though, when you use a highly regarded online company to order your checks from, you can get them from the privacy of your own home. You might even be able to save as much as 50% off the price of your new Bichon Frise checks.

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